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Here in Central Oregon, NOW  IS THE TIME TO PURCHASE OUR GIFT CERTIFICATES to give your friends and family throughout Central Oregon. Available in $15, $30, & $45 increments to help others so that they can order their own PATIO BLUEBERRIES already planted and ready-to-use (RTU), at their convenience during this year with free delivery!! Go to our WELCOME page to shop for your friends and family now! 


Our most popular Patio Blueberry plants are available already planted and ready to use (RTU) in patio planters. Their square 15x15 American made quality plastic planters with 4 corner feet are designed for good air-water exchange and excellent drainage. Two colors are presently available in Terra Cotta Clay and Light Beige.  We also offer square 12x12 patio planters with 4 corner feet, in Light Green and Terra Cotta Clay colors.


TIP:  OUR SQUARE 15x15 and 12x12 PLANTERS ALREADY PLANTED are a great bang for the buck, because they last so long...... it's YEARS!!!


NEWER to our lineup, are our smaller 12x12 but unique patio planters with 4 corner feet, sporting a natural fiber insert. These biodegradable inserts make it easier (just lift 'em out & replant 'em whole) to upgrade and replant your Patio Blueberries to any larger decorative planters of your choice in the future! Smaller, less expensive patio planters to start with are a great way to learn first-hand about our Patio Blueberries that have done so well in Central Oregon!!! Colors on hand are Terra Cotta Clay and Light Green.


FRESH ORGANIC BERRIES are a real option here, as our organic patio planter system is ideal for your continued organic growing on your deck, porch, or patio. Available by mail FREE in April, to our more recent Central Oregon customers who contact us JAN-FEB of the year following their order delivery, is our special organic slow-release Patio Blueberry fertilizer . This free organic fertilizer will keep your plants going strong for your second season also!!!


No sprays are generally required on these Patio Blueberries in High Desert climates! Our nursery is not open to the public, but delivery is free within the Central Oregon towns of Redmond/ Terrebonne/ Crooked River Ranch,  Bend/ Sunriver/ LaPine,  Madras/ Metolius/ Culver,  Prineville/ Powell Butte,  and Sisters/ Black Butte Ranch.


Our delivery season for all Patio Planters typically runs  from APRIL 1st thru OCTOBER 31st (Please  utilize  PRE-SEASON ORDERING or 24/7 Gift Certificates at other times.) We offer a 12 month limited replacement plant warranty from the date of delivery!


(We may include a non-denominational easy-to-read New Living Translation (NLT) paperback New Testament Bible with your order. Please let us know if you prefer not to receive it, but we really hope that you'll accept our Gift!!)



*Our Patio Blueberry products below are for Central Oregon Customers ONLY!!  We do NOT ship these Patio Planters shown for sale below, out of Central Oregon. See our Patio Blueberry Potted Transplants page for long distance FREE SHIPPING to the NW and much of the USA, so that you may plant your own Patio Planters (or Raised Beds)!!!** 



 Ready To Use 15x15

Patio Blueberries
Already Planted !!!


Our Patio Blueberries in 15x15  Light Beige color patio planters are available here in Central Oregon for just  3 for $69 !!  These patio planters are already fertilized for the entire upcoming season, and the price includes FREE DELIVERY!!


OR....our Patio Blueberries in 15x15 Terra Cotta Clay color patio planters are our regular low price of 3 for $75 !!


As a bonus with either choice, our  special organic Patio Blueberry fertilizer  is available  FREE  to you  for your second calendar year to keep your plants going strong!!! We also include a limited replacement plant warranty for 12 months.


All orders include our "bookmark" Patio Blueberry Care Card for you to save for future reference. We will always welcome any unanswered questions that you might have. You sure don't want to miss these sweet  deals, with free delivery!


Our Patio Blueberries make great gifts for your family and friends! So remember that we do have 24/7 GIFT CERTIFICATES, and that we deliver free within the towns of Central Oregon listed above. (See WELCOME section of Home Page!)






3 Patio Blueberry

15x15 Planters

Per Set!


planter15x15 merged


Set of 3 for $69.00


Choose your Planter Color



2 Sets for $125.00


Choose your Planter Color





Set of 3 for $75.00


Choose your Planter Color



2 Sets for $135.00


Choose your Planter Color


Ready To Use 12x12

Patio Planters with 
Natural Fiber Inserts

Our Patio Blueberries in 12x12 Light Green color  patio planters are available here in Central Oregon for just  3 for $49 !!  These patio planters come with enviromentally friendly recycled  natural fiber inserts within!!! They are quite indispensable as a great introductory experience to our proven Patio Blueberries, due to ease of transplanting their inserts whole. "Just lift 'em out & replant 'em whole" in several years,  into those larger decorative patio planters of your own personal choice!


OR....our Patio Blueberries in 12x12 Terra Cotta Clay color patio planters are a great modest price of  3 for $55 !!  At some later time, plant the biodegradable inserts whole into 15"-18" decor patio planters of your choice of clay, ceramic, wood, etc, for about an additional 10 years of fun growing! These Patio Blueberries are fertilized, planted, ready, waiting for you with our free delivery


Don't forget our 24/7  GIFT CERTIFICATES!!  Details are available in the WELCOME section of our Home Page. Our Patio Planter sets herein are fertilized for the season with our special organic Patio Blueberry fertilizer, which is also FREE to you for your second calendar year to keep your plants strong!!!


All orders also include growing & seasonal helps on our enclosed "bookmark" Patio Blueberry Care Card, so easy to save for quick references year after year. All of this support, newer product, and great service comes complete with a limited replacement plant warranty for 12 months.            



3 Patio Blueberry

12x12 Planters

Per Set!


green planter labeled




Set of 3 for $49.00



2 Sets for $94.00



3 Sets for $138.00



4 Sets for $180.00



Set of 3 for $49.00


Choose your Planter Color



2 Sets for $90.00


Choose your Planter Color





 Set of 3 for $55.00


Choose your Planter Color



2 Sets for $100.00


Choose your Planter Color


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