patio azaleasGift Certificates are available for our deciduous Patio Azaleas of newer varieties used in our RTU already planted planters of Azaleas for Central Oregon.  These newer Deciduous Azalea varieties are compact for patio planters, raised beds, or small yard landscapes, and cold-hardy to 20 below zero with wind chill!!!


So like our Patio Blueberries, Patio Azaleas are an excellent choice for patio planters to decorate your decks, porches, patios, and sidewalks year-round! Patio Azaleas are acid-loving plants and are similar in care to our Patio Blueberries, except that they prefer a bit more shade. This means Patio Azaleas around your home can make good use of those somewhat shady areas that may not be best for your Patio Blueberries, which in contrast prefer more sun. 


Our Patio Azalea plants of flowering age are now available for ordering RTU in planters for Central Oregon, available in 12x12 terra cotta patio planters with free C.O. delivery!


Growing Deciduous Azaleas!  Patio Azaleas are quite pest-free, forgiving, and easy to grow plants. The following are some growing tips:


--Watch outdoor temperatures, especially as they drop past subzero with wind chill.


--Some occasional partial shade is preferable. Some deciduous varieties can also do fairly well with even more sun.


--An acidic media (pH 5.0-5.5) is best for Patio Azaleas in patio planters/raised beds.


--A top mulch of medium fir bark/pine bark nuggets conserves moisture, and gives that finished look to Patio Azaleas.


--Patio Azaleas do not like "wet feet", so use patio planters/raised beds with excellent drainage.


--Patio Azaleas prefer consistently moist media. Adequate watering continued after the bloom period is over, will help to produce more flower buds for next year. Less frequent deep soakings are more effective than daily superficial light watering (amount of water needed depends on outside temperature, humidity, wind, and sunlight intensity).


--Fertilize in the 2nd year Spring with our special organic Patio Azalea fertilizer. One annual application is all that's needed!!!


--Prune Patio Azaleas very soon after they have finished blooming to avoid cutting off new flower buds that form a bit later, and to encourage branching for even more new buds.





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