Patio Blueberries 15x15, Light Beige color (Set of 3) COUPON CODE# 15LBRTU  Patio Blueberries 15x15, Light Beige color (Set of 3) COUPON CODE# 15LBRTU

Patio Blueberries 15x15, Light Beige color (Set of 3) COUPON CODE# 15LBRTU

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Our Patio Blueberries in 15x15 Light Beige patio planters are available for sale in Central Oregon for 3/$95, but that's BEFORE our special COUPON CODE at checkout for another $10 OFF!! These plants are already planted and ready to use (RTU) in Patio Planters. These Patio Blueberries are also fertilized organically for the year, and the price even includes FREE organic fertilizer w/ instructions for your next season, in 2021!! These 15x15 quality plastic planters with 4 corner feet are designed for good air-water exchange and excellent drainage. DELIVERY IS FREE within most of the Central Oregon area. So don't forget to use our CURRENT $10 OFF COUPON CODE for a GREAT price at checkout!!!

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--FRESH ORGANIC BERRIES are a real option here, as our organic patio planter system is ideal for your continued organic growing on your deck, porch, or patio.  FREE in April to our most recent Central Oregon customers who contact us sometime in March of the year following their order delivery, is our special organic slow-release fertilizer for your Patio Blueberries.  This organic fertilizer will keep your plants going strong for your second season!!!

--No sprays are generally required on our Patio Blueberries in High Desert climates! (Don't Forget To Use Our Current $10 Off Coupon Code on these Light Biege specialty Patio Planters!!)

--Our delivery season for all Patio Planters typically runs from APRIL 1st until THANKSGIVING. We offer a 12 month limited plant warranty from the date of delivery!

Our Central Oregon Patio Blueberry products are for Central Oregon customers ONLY!  Delivery is FREE to the towns of Redmond, Terrebonne, Crooked River Ranch, Bend, Sunriver, LaPine, Madras, Metolius, Culver, Prineville, Powell Butte, and Sisters with Black Butte.  We do NOT ship these Patio Planters out of the Central Oregon area. See our POTTED PATIO BLUEBERRY TRANSPLANTS for long distance FREE SHIPPING to the NW and much of the USA, to be planted in your own planters.  

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