Welcome to the World of Patio Blueberries, from the ORIGINAL Patio Blueberry Grower!
blueberries 300x293Our Patio Blueberries are newer, cold-hardy varieties developed for this century. These compact blueberry plants are about 3 feet high when full grown, and a perfect fit in Patio Planters to decorate your decks, porches, patios, and sidewalks year round.  Our Patio Blueberries are left outside in Winter, as they are rated 20 below zero with wind chill.  Additionally, they tolerate the usual late Spring freezes in the 20's....their blooms can be wide open and probably not hurt at all.  They take hot Summer temperatures over 100 degrees...their berries do not get soft and drop.  These plants are also beautiful in their colors of Fall.  In fact, our Patio Blueberries offer quite a legacy of ornamental value, with white bell-blossoms in the Spring, blue fruit in the Summer, predominately red, burgandy, and orange leaves in the Fall, and shapely 
reddish stems in theWinter.

We sell 3 varieties for good cross-pollination, and to extend each season of fresh berries.  Our Patio Blueberry plants are a minimum of 2 years of age, grown organically, and beginning to yield some fruit.  Berry production increases annually as the plants mature and fill out the Patio Planters, until it levels off to about 4-5 pints per Patio Blueberry plant in good years.  The estimated life of Patio Blueberries in 15x15 planters is approximately 10 years with good care.  Fresh organic fruit is a real option here, as our Patio Planter system is ideally suited for organic growing!

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